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Our Market Information Packages, Management Options, and Relocation Information Services — noted for their clear, concise, and thorough nature — effectively meet the objective of our client.

Our services are designed for expanding and established international business interests.

Your matter will be handled as a priority, in confidence, and professionally.


Overview Vantage Point Approach

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Through our market information and management options lens, the Pacific Rim Institute specializes in an accessible overview vantage point approach which creates a clear picture of how your objective fits into the conditions and trends within your specific market.

The overview vantage point approach will ensure the successful achievement of your objective while maintaining a well-balanced, long-term perspective in light of the conditions and trends which may affect your specific market focus.

In order to successfully achieve your specific objective, we concisely integrate all the relevant elements of the social, economic, political, and business sectors relative to your market.


Market Information Packages and Management Options

Our Market Information Packages and Management Options are specifically tailored to meet the requirements for investors and businesses.

Market Information Packages provide the information you need to clearly move forward in another country in a successful and efficient fashion. The information packages are pragmatic and designed for your complete success. Aspects of the social, economic, political, and business sectors are evaluated to optimally reduce risk for your investment. Market information packages and tools are diversified in nature and will give you a clear and knowledgeable assessment for your decision-making process. Our packages and tools can include:

  • a commercial real estate purchase;
  • establishing an international business presence in another country;
  • investment opportunities;
  • lawyer, accountant, and insurance referrals; and
  • purchasing another residence.

Management Options entail augmenting your own research and will give you, or your organization, another perspective of available options. In addition to providing a valued and pragmatic International Political Economy perspective — honoring cultural beliefs and national values in terms of international relations and international business — we also specialize in international integration issues. We are favorable to fiscal responsibility, trade liberalization, privatization, and the rule of law.

From our unique and effective overview vantage point approach, our services encompass the Pacific Rim Region and India, and include:

  • Conditions and Trends —
                Country, Regional & Global,
  • Market Information Packages & Management Options, and
  • Direct Investments.

Once we clearly evaluate your objective, we can provide you with the accurate and timely market information you require in order to make a clear and knowledgeable assessment for your decision-making process.

If we are unable to fulfill your objective in a fashion acceptable to your needs, we will advise you and refer you to a firm to better fit your requirements.


Relocation Information Services

Relocation Information Services are also available for individual investors focused on an international residence, and investment opportunities in a safe and advantageous country.