Relocation Services


Our Relocation Services provide the insight and clear understanding for you to knowledgably purchase a new international residence with confidence in a safe and advantageous country with a minimum of risk.

Through personalized and individualized attention, we’ll evaluate your intention and requirements for your new residence to insure your complete success.

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We’ll provide you with the practical information through our overview vantage point approach, to help you confidently evaluate your options in order to purchase a home or other investments internationally.


Safe and advantageous locations are numerous and offer more value for your money which directly translates into spending less money for all of your living expenses.

Depending on your specific requirements, safe and advantageous locations can include places such as Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Thailand.

Specific Relocation Services We Provide

Our services include a practical spectrum of information specifically designed to clearly evaluate your country requirements in order to make a knowledgeable and successful investment decision:

  • practical economic, social, and political conditions and trends;
  • business practices and accounting methodologies;
  • legal referrals;
  • tax considerations;
  • insurance options;
  • banking practices; and
  • health care facility referrals.

We’ll provide the most accurate and timely information to insure an effective and efficient real estate transaction, along with a new information spectrum to better understand your new international cultural residence considerations.

Always Practical and Effective

Our Relocation Services literally provide a practical and effective approach to purchase another residence in a safe and advantageous country.

Making sense of how the world rotates economically and politically, also known as an International Political Economy perspective, is precisely what our Relocation Services provide you with in order to successfully close a safe and knowledgeable real estate transaction for a new international residence.

Our tagline, generating opportunity through knowledge . . . , transcends marketing — it’s our heartfelt guiding principle that always guides us successfully through our positive and effective results.

This will ensure your decision-making process with the most current and accurate information available for your complete success.