Managing Director and Founder

Ravey Kierann, M.A.

Ravey Kierann is the Managing Director and Founder of the Pacific Rim Institute, LLC.

Consulting for more than fifteen years, Ravey's market information packages effectively meet the client's objective. Our consulting services are well-respected for their clear, concise, and comprehensive presentation style and content.

Specializing in an accessible overview vantage point approach, our overview vantage point platform allows us to concisely integrate all the relevant elements of the social, economic, political, and business sectors relative to your market focus. From this integrated and comprehensive perspective, our services always provide the most accurate and timely information to ensure complete success.

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Authored under the name of Charles Dangler, Ravey Kierann's book, entitled The Pacific Rim Region: A World Marketplace Approach Through Trade and Investment, cogently defines and quantifies the entire Pacific Rim Region for investors and businesses for use in the global marketplace. He also designed and instructed pragmatic courses relating to the global marketplace and the Pacific Rim Region as an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Washington, Department of Business Administration.

Ravey was a Founding Board Member, and the Government and Legislative Affairs Chair for the International Association for Structural Integrators (IASI). The IASI is the professional association for Structural Integrators which maintains the standard of excellence through certification for member practitioners, and fosters an open exchange for leading-edge research in the Structural Integration profession.

Early in his career, Ravey was a commercial mortgage banker and broker responsible for generating and closing loans for land acquisition, development, and construction mortgage loans for shopping centers, single-family home developments, and professional office building complexes.

Ravey earned his Master's degree in International Affairs at the Center for International Studies at Ohio University specializing in Pacific Rim Region Trade and Latin American economic development. His Bachelor's degree, in International Political Economy, was conferred at The Evergreen State College located in Olympia, Washington. International Political Economy honors cultural beliefs and national values as it directly relates to international business, economics, and international relations.

Ravey lives with his family on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.